1-on-1 Printing Session

We understand that most of the exhibiting photographers and artists don’t accept any compromise when it comes to print quality. They want their photos to look the best way possible for galleries and museums, in the only way they want them to be. So we find that it’s better when your baby print is born, you yourself are in the studio witnessing.

During a one-on-one printing session, you communicate directly with our photo editor/printer. We want to understand your artistic vision in general, and as well your direction with the job in particular. You will benefit from our meticulously calibrated monitor during the soft proofing stage, and you will take advantage of our most advanced D50 viewing station during the hard proofing process.

Like a film director who has already procured all the footage and now sits down with his colorist in a post-production studio, you are going to direct our editor/printer towards the final effects in your mind, whereas effectively and efficiently, we are here with our state-of-the-art equipment and our advanced technical how-know to realize your creative vision.

Our hourly charge is very reasonable and for new customers, the first half hour will be on us as free consultation. So please contact us for an appointment!